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Stepper motor inquiry

Hello - we have an application that requires a stepper motor with particular parameters (below). Could you kindly advise me on which product(s) are most suitable?
- it will be used to turn back and forth about 110 degrees every cca 5 minutes
- hold up to 50kg force in between turns
- bipolar
- 8-10 rpm speed
- 200+ steps
- preferably 12v (but doesn't have to be)
- can fit in the palm of a hand
- operating temp to -25c
Question: how is speed controlled?
Thank you


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Diigiit Sales
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Re: Stepper motor inquiry

Hello Peter,

A stepper motor requires a stepper motor controller in order to turn. The controller can be made of a single piece of hardware or you can use a stepper motor driver (controller) plus a microcontroller to achieve the same task.

We have a couple of Pololu stepper motor controller (driver) on our website. The one you need to choose depend on your stepper motor characteristics. You need to feed the stepper motor driver with another controller (the microcontroller such as Arduino or Teensy).

Basically the microcontroller send a signal to the driver to turn the stepper motor by one step. The speed of your stepper motor will change depending on how fast the microcontroller send a step signal to the driver.

All stepper motors are here. Most of them have 200 steps (as your can see on the title) and size is also specified (for instance 35x26mm means that front size with mounting holes is 35mmx35mm and depth is 26mm). So I think once you have figured out which one fit in your hand smile you need to see which one has the required torque (indicated in the features section).

Does this answer your question?

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