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Chaoli CL-0612 as Estes proto-x nano quadcopter motor

Customer question:
I have a Estes proto-x nano quadcopter. One of the motors is broken and I would like to know if the "CHAOLI CL-0612" you guys hold in stock is acceptable for a replacement. I checked and the model # seems to be it. Although, the one referred to me is CL-0612-19. Are they able to spin counter-clockwise and clockwise by inverting the connections? Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Diigiit answer:
This rcgroups forum seems to indicate that Estes proto-x nano quadcopter seems to use CL-0612. You can double check by measuring the diameter (6mm) and body length (12mm) of your motor. By changing motor polarity, you will be able to make it turn CW or CCW.

I don't know if CL-0612-19 has something special in terms of RPM. So you can try to change one motor and if there is a load balancing problem, maybe you'll want to change 4 motors to have exactly the same specs. However, I can not guaranty you its going to work. This is something you need to try! I know that quadcopter load balancing can be tricky.

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