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Where can I find partner for just sex?

Hello everyone! Hope you are all good. I have a nice family, I hang with good people, and I'm gonna get to go to a new school later this year where I can hopefully find potential partners who share my interests. The thing is that it's gonna be a while until I can get into the new school. I might not even make it in. It's gonna take even longer to find a potential partner once I settle in and even longer for the relationship to be sex-ready for both of us. I know I've posted a very similar discussion in the Newbies forum, but I'm shifting my focus to primarily casual partnerships, though I don't like to refer to it as "hooking up". I had a focus on having both a romantic and a sexual relationship but I decided to shift my focus since having such a complex relationship like that would be too much at this point in my life. I'm going to the new school to rejoice in my interests and what I want to be when I've grown up. It may take a long-ass time to get to know a possible partner or I may not even find one. Where else can I go to find casual sex partners if I can't find one at the new school? I know there are women out there with sexual needs just like me, and I would like to know a few other places to look. I'm not frustrated or worried like I was on the other discussion, I'm just concerned about my sex life and how I can get along there.


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