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Odroid board troubleshooting guide

Here is quick troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing problems with your Odroid board

1- power supply

You should validate you are using the proper PSU. If the power supply you want to use does not have the same characteristics as the one recommended by Hardkernel, your board may not boot. Powering some boards with an USB cable may not be enough.

2- install Linux or Android Operating system (unless you have purchase a pre-installed image)

3- unplug everything (power supply, HDMI)

4- insert your microSD card or eMMC module. If board is equipped with a microSD/eMMC switch, select the one corresponding to your media

5- plug the power cable. Make sure the board power switch is on. If you see a blue LED blinking, the kernel is booting. If not, go back to step 2 and try another Linux or Android image.

6- unplug any cable connected to the board (HDMI, power supply).

7- connect your mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable and then power supply.

8- you should see the blue LED blinking meaning your board is booting and a display on your monitor. If not, please see no output on Odroid board

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