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Diigiit Sales
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Odroid eMMC card installation

Installing Linux or Android image on an eMMC module seems to be slightly more difficult than on a microSD card. Here is a quick step by step guide to help you.

1- Make sure you have the proper microSD card reader

Some card readers do not work with eMMC. Here is the one we use:

Transcend USB3.0 card reader

2- Are you flashing or recovering eMMC?

Any eMMC module provided by Hardkernel comes with a Linux or Android distribution for a specific computer (C1+, C2, XU4).

If you want to change the OS but not the target computer, you are flashing eMMC. If you want to change the target computer, you are recovering.

Using dd seems to be far better than Win32DiskImager!

4- unplug and plug again your card reader to your computer. Your eMMC module should automount on your computer, your should be able to see files. Don't edit Boot.ini for the moment.

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